Natural remedies for eczema, Natural cure for eczema: Testimonials

Nature’s treatment for eczema?

Moa lovers have long been using the balm as a treatment for eczema, especially as many conventional creams contain petrochemicals which we believe do more harm than good long term. Moa balm is an all-natural alternative for treating dry, itchy skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Anyone prone to allergies such as eczema should keep a little pot of Moa handy at all times, it will soothe, calm and protect the skin.

I am using it for dry patches on my face mostly! I have had this problem for years and years... It's called eczema, and since I am very fair, anything on my face, from the slightest irritation, shows up immediately... Also I am very prone to allergies... Glad I found it!

Katerina Theodoropoulou

I adore this product as it is so very versatile, all you need really for everything. It is the only product that has soothed a very irritating patch of dry skin.

Gill, Sleaford

I keep bees and received a free sample when I ordered some supplies from Fragile Planet. I was going through a period of very dry skin on my hands and particularly between my fingers. Nothing had worked so I tried Moa and hey presto it actually worked and eased the problem very quickly. Have now purchased a large pot.

Anything to do with dry skin and also as an antiseptic. Absolutely fantastic, even seemed to help prevent a coldsore becoming a major problem on my lower lip.

Judy Chandra

WOW! This is what I have to say about this Moa Green Balm. I've had a horrible rash on my face, doctors gave me tablets, creams etc which helped a bit but didn't clear it up completely, the only thing that did help was the sunbeds. I know they are bad for you but they worked - I tried this balm and OMG it has worked wonders and means I no longer need to use the sunbeds - couldn't recommend this balm enough - it is a miracle in a jar!!!

Kim, Northern Ireland

Moa is useful for so many things and so many people! It works wonders on anyone that it touches! I have used Moa on my makeup clients that have dry red patches on their skin and for lip conditioner on their lips. I have used it on myself to treat my eczema on my elbows and knees and it takes the itch away and feels refreshing as well. I have even used it on my 2 year old son that gets dry skin on his cheeks in the winter, a little bit of Moa and it's gone! Thank you for making such a wonderful product that is so versatile. One pot has so many uses and the fact that its all natural is a plus. The possibilities are endless and we discover a new way to use this miracle balm every day! You can't say that about many products! Moa rocks :)

Maria Russe

I find the Moa balm most useful on my legs. Every winter I have two areas on both my legs that become extremely itchy. After using Moa the itching is gone, the skin is soft and I can sleep the whole night through. Thank you for making this lovely balm!

Vibeke Repstad

Moa is the best thing i have ever used on my grandaughters eczema. She has bad eczema, and since using Moa it's really calmed down. My daughter also uses it for a cold sores and when she burnt her hand.

Anne Mulholland

Used for eczema on our dog!

Sue Wylam