• Moonlight Candle

Moonlight Candle

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An illuminating Moonlight Candle to add some hygge to the dark evenings as you bathe ‘By the light of the moon’ in its gentle light.

Scented with a magical blend of sacred lunar herbs; white sage, jasmine, camphor and myrrh to spiritually calm the mind and purify your space, whilst you relax or meditate.

The Moon and stars illuminate when lit, casting beautiful shadows around the room.

Plastic free and designed to be upcycled or recycled.

40 hours burn time.


Hand poured with plant based natural waxes and with a concentrated blend of pure essential oils.


CLEANSING WHITE SAGE is said to bring good luck and make wishes come true. 

JASMINE flowers are said to be even stronger during a waning moon.

CAMPHOR helps to relieve stress, clear negative energy and is even said to help cleanse the aura.

MYRRH is traditionally considered one of the most spiritual plants and used for banishing negative energies.

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