Autumn Self Care Bathing

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Autumn Self Care Bathing

Welcome to the MOA blog! As you may have noticed from my Instagram feed, I take a huge amount of inspiration from nature and love to celebrate each of seasons for their own mystical beauty and feels. Somehow every year autumn seems to take me a little by surprise with its breath taking, vibrant colours and this year has not disappointed. One evening walking the dog, the trees were positively lit up, glowing bright yellow against the stormy sky. It’s not just been the trees, but the skies have been particularly spectacular, some of the most vivid sunsets I’ve ever seen and the most spell binding moons…one evening we drove home entranced by the harvest full moon, glowing golden, low on the horizon. 

Yarrow tea

With the crisp sunny, hazy days, I’m relishing wearing jumpers and coats, walking amongst the fallen leaves and returning home to cups of tea. In contrast, the dark evenings are now drawing in early which can leave you feeling pretty exhausted a lot earlier than usual, perhaps better to embrace the cosy nights and finish the day with a long hot bath!  So much talk about self-care right now, but it’s true, if you can find at least 15 minutes to yourself, taking time out for a bath can be totally therapeutic and also a great remedy to achieve a good night’s sleep. For me taking a bath on these cold, dark evenings is a great way to wind down and revitalise.

MOA therapeutic bath products:

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

Fortifying Green Bath Potion is our popular and highly concentrated organic bath oil, it comes in two sizes; a 10ml single/double ‘shot’ - our favourite stocking filler and the big 100ml bottle.  Our bath potion contains a really potent blend of essential oils, so very little is needed. When you’ve run your bath, pour in a couple of capfuls and you’ll see the bath oil disperse in a misty cloud, the essential oils will evaopurate, fill the air and leave the bathroom smelling lovely!  This bath oil is an amazing remedy if you’re feeling a bit run down, tired or achy.  The main essential oils are peppermint and fennel, and the menthol in the peppermint is really helpful for headaches, achy muscles, stress, tension and also congestion if you’re fluey…it really helps clear the airways! Aromatic Fennel oil is helpful to aid digestion, to cleanse and detox, ideal after over indulging. The other essential oils are sweet birch, fir needle and yarrow extract, MOA’s signature herb. I like the hot / cold invigorating feeling of this bath oil on the skin and you step out of the bath feeling moisturised, clear headed and totally relaxed. 

Fortifying Green Bath Potion

Dreamy Mineral Soak
combines Himalayan and Sea Salt with a delicious, unique blend of essential oils including lavender, cardamom, pine, lemon peel and yarrow, which has even been described as smelling of sherbet!  When we created these bath salts, I was determined to make salts which retain their smell after being added to the bath tub, so once again we haven’t skimped on essential oils and you probably get about 5-6 baths out of each eco pouch.  I’m also excited to be launching a smaller size for this product in the New Year, which is a great way to give them a try.

Salts baths have been used for thousands of years due to their numerous, well documented health benefits, there is something particularly soothing about a salt bath, the countless minerals absorb into the skin as you bathe, great for aches and pains. Salt water won’t leave the skin wrinkly and with added lemon peel essential oil, they are extra cleansing and good for acne prone skin.

I really enjoyed drawing a magical dream-catcher for this product, inspired because salt baths are renowned for relieving stress, helping to promote a good night’s sleep, especially with the addition of calming, relaxing lavender.

If you love the idea of making your own bath salts please come along to our up-coming Botanical Bath Salt Making and Decorating Sat 8th Dec in Notting Hill. Accompanied children are also welcome, they can help you create bath salts, decorate the gift tag, and stamp the drawstring bag, which will make the most gorgeous present to give at Christmas!

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