We have many uses… I've started using it as a cleanser in the evening and it seems to be doing a great job on my skin. We use it on my partners psoriasis - it's really great for delicate patches of skin where his prescription creams would be too strong. I've just sent a little pot off to my sister who is using it on her cold sores and saying its really helping to relieve them. I started getting a reaction to a ring and it has cleared that up too. It really is a little all rounder - the universal heal all =)

Angharad Rees

I wanted to write in to tell you all at MOA that i love your product. I am long suffering from the incurable skin disease psoriasis. It comes and goes but when it comes it usually attaches itself firstly to my face, arms and legs. People constantly touch my face to wipe of what they think are crumbs or bits of apple but are actually flakey skin cells produced by the disorder and are in fact still attached. Very embarrassing for both parties, especially me. As a woman in my 20s I have become extremely self conscious of it. I have tried everything from steroids to tar treatment,special diets and UV sun beds. Nothing has worked in the long run. Being a bit of a hippy at heart when a friend introduced me to your all natural product i jumped at the chance to try it out. Now i use it all the time. It hasn't cured my psoriasis completely but as soon as i apply it it disappears within hours. Amazing!!!

Emilie Brosnahan

High in the mountains the air is much thinner, and the increased UV light and solar radiation not to mention the extreme cold means that your skin is much more susceptible to sunburn and frostbite. Moa balm is the most soothing and effective product that I've ever used, and is now a permanent part of my first-aid kit. Soothing and healing sunburn, frostbite, cuts and scrapes: Moa balm is as an important part of my kit list as my ice-axe and crampons.

Jake Meyer, International mountaineer and Everest record breaker is now an avid supporter of the balm and now uses it as a permanent part of his first-aid kit! www.jakemeyer.co.uk

I didn't expect quick results but I've had them within days of using the balm. The contracture has loosened and the scar is a lot less aggressive looking, the contracture although only small was across the corner of my eye so I was constantly aware of it and my eyes felt uncomfortable all the time. For the first time in 13 months I have hope that my burn scars will improve to a point that I am happy with how I look. I can't believe this balm isn't more widely known about, I have tried nearly every cream and treatment going (apart from aggresive cosmetic procedures) and although some have had small slow progress the Moa green balm is the only thing that's had any significant effect on the scars.

Suzy Shaw

Could Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour cream have a contender lurking in the wings? I dismissed all the hype about this 'magic balm in a pot' and then it arrived on my desk. Whatever doubts I had about it are now gone! The balm comes in a small pot and is the colour of wet grass in spring. It feels slightly oily to touch and sinks into the skin very easily. It's 100% organic, and is created out of a mixture of herbs, with no parabens at all.

Review Kiss and Make-up, '8 hour cream contender – magic balm in a pot'

I received this yesterday and have tried it in so many ways already. I got a tattoo 3 days ago and Moa the green balm has helped with the burning sensation and the healing process already. I tried it on my face and hands and it feels wonderful, light and soft. I also applied it on the ends of my hair this morning and it feels really soft and smooth. It's a great and versatile product, i love the smell too, fresh and natural. Highly recomended.

Marie, Bournemouth

I really love this balm. I do! I have tried many. I have used it on dry patches but most of all on some sore skin I have on my foot which itches like crazy when I get warm and this really does stop the itching. I also use this on the other half’s (halves?!) face as it was flaking like crazy when we were away (literally, like face dandruff) so a layer of this stuff and it helped a lot. I have tried it as a cleanser and it reminds me of Eve Lom’s cleansing balm. I also have the smaller travel size pot which I carry with me everywhere now – it has replaced all my other balms.

Review cosmeticcandy.com

Roger Stroud was suffering from severe frost bite on his face when he met Icelandic mountaineer Grönli who treated his frost biten skin with Móa balm and gave him a jar to take with him. After only a week of applying Móa to the affected area, Stroud’s burns eased and the skin healed completely. Grönli and his team swear that it really is a miracle balm and that no traveler should leave home without it. Roger Stroud believes the balm is a wonder product with miraculous healing properties,“The Móa Balm was absolutely brilliant. I have never seen anything like it before. I put the balm on the affected area several times a day-it took about a week before my face was completely better-remarkable considering how bad it was.”

Roger Stroud

Ok, So if you've been following along. You know that I have this big, ugly 2nd degree burn wrapped around my Forearm. This is the Second Part of my I burned myself series of Videos. This is Day 10 Application of The Moa Green Balm. Still coming along and looking better everyday.


I am so impressed with this product. I'm a big fan of balms in general and have been addicted to eight hour cream for years now. Moa has replaced it. It smells delicious, slightly medical, slightly herbal i love it. I use it for cleansing, moisturizing - its cleared up my oily skin better than any of the harsh things I've used before. Its made my hair beautiful and I have incredibly difficult hair. What else? It cleared up a coldsore I had in two days. Soothes shaving rash, keeps my eyebrows neat, also amazing amazing amazing at fading scars and making them less tight and painful. I cannot praise this product enough.


Love love love this miracle product! Soothes dry patches and lips. I had a coldsore and it cleared it right up. Use it once a week as a treat to cleanse my skin - FAB!! I put it onto dry skin and massage it around and wash it off with a hot cloth - DEVINE! My skin looks great after it. I've only bought the small pots to date but will defo be buying the bigger one soon!

Dawn Hill

WOW! This is what I have to say about this Moa Green Balm. I've had a horrible rash on my face, doctors gave me tablets, creams etc which helped a bit but didn't clear it up completely, the only thing that did help was the sunbeds. I know they are bad for you but they worked - I tried this balm and OMG it has worked wonders and means I no longer need to use the sunbeds - couldn't recommend this balm enough - it is a miracle in a jar!!!

Kim, Northern Ireland

Had a bad accident when camping. Couldn’t get to hospital to have stitches in lip but Spanish pharmacist in the middle of Spain recommended your cream and wow- what a revelation-the healing was fantastic-I can’t recommend your cream highly enough. Uses: Everything, dry skin, itchy skin, spots and lumpy cut on my mouth, improving all the time. Used for sunburn. Used for eczema on our dog!

Sue Wylam

This product can be used from first aid to nourishing to cleansing. It is extraordinary and every household should have a pot.

Bella L

This green balm (and it is green!) is perfect for soothing away annoying patches of dry skin - often the result of kissing boys with too much stubble, ahem. I've also been using it to get my feet into shape for sandal season, softening up dry hard wintry heels. You have to warm it on your fingertips before applying as it's quite hard. It also has a lovely herby smell - you know it's doing you good!

Julia R

Just received the Moa Green Balm this very morning. After hearing a wicker basketful of great reviews, I simply had to buy some and give it a try. The balm itself is solid before use and comes packaged beautifully in a little recycled cardboard box, ideal for the eco-friendly. As soon as you touch the balm it becomes a soft oil ready to apply. I have just started using it on the dry areas of my face and even on insect bites. Amazing, instant relief. In fact, I put a small amount on a spot earlier and as if by magic its reduced in size. A miracle in a pot. The smell is also really pretty, sort of earthy and hemp-like. I'm going to purchase the little pot too, a girl should never be without her Moa Green Balm.

Rebecca, Scotland

This little balm is made of great ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil and tea tree oil. Because the coconut oil is the base, it is softer and smoother than other balms. What I enjoy the most about it is that it is very mildly aromatic. This isn't like Mentholatum or anything - it's just cooling in a subtle way. It also has a great clean smell to it. The balm is great relief for chapped skin, such as around your nose during a cold or dry winter hands. I also love this to remove eye makeup, relive itchy eczema skin, and to put over bug bites and cuts. Their website also has whole lists of things you can use it for first aid and beauty.


Moa is useful for so many things and so many people! It works wonders on anyone that it touches! I have used Moa on my makeup clients that have dry red patches on their skin and for lip conditioner on their lips. I have used it on myself to treat my eczema on my elbows and knees and it takes the itch away and feels refreshing as well. I have even used it on my 2 year old son that gets dry skin on his cheeks in the winter, a little bit of Moa and it's gone! Thank you for making such a wonderful product that is so versatile. One pot has so many uses and the fact that its all natural is a plus. The possibilities are endless and we discover a new way to use this miracle balm every day! You can't say that about many products! Moa rocks :)

Maria Russe

Strangely enough, my favourite thing to use my Moa as, is as primer. I have very dry cheeks so and when I apply it, it COMPLETELY stops my foundation from flaking off with my skin (and stops my products from stinging) but I also apply it to my oily forehead and it replaces the natural oil that I remove when washing so my skin doesn't overproduce oil due to dryness. Man, I do just love it.

Leanne Fischler

I love using Moa on my nose as in the winter it gets saw and splits which is very painful but Moa soothes and helps heal it.

Joanne Sowinska

I find the Moa balm most useful on my legs. Every winter I have two areas on both my legs that become extremely itchy. After using Moa the itching is gone, the skin is soft and I can sleep the whole night through. Thank you for making this lovely balm!

Vibeke Repstad

Moa is the best thing i have ever used on my grandaughters eczema. She has bad eczema, and since using Moa it's really calmed down. My daughter also uses it for a cold sores and when she burnt her hand.

Anne Mulholland

After receiving Moa in my GLOSSYBOX, I have used it all up and it is time to buy the big tub. I love it! I love how versatile it is. It clears my skin, gets rid of spots and is a lovely lip balm. I also put it on cuts and grazes and it has made my eyelashes grow loads. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Natalie Louise Cahill

I won't move without Moa. Splashed boiling oil on the back of my hand last night. Lots of ice water but it was very sensitive and sore when I went to bed. Put Moa on and in the morning there were only two tiny pink patches left and no pain. Result.

Pamela Goldberg